Free Aerial Classes, Recitals, & More!

So much has happened this month — and with our upcoming promo week chocked full of free aerial classes, it’s sure to only get crazier around here! But that’s just the way we like it 🙂

Okay, so, quick catch-up:

First and foremost, our Competition & Performance Team competed at the Atlantic Pole Championships (you might have noticed some of your favorite instructors and advanced students working hard on their routines as April 1st & 2nd approached…). They ALL came home with medals, proving what we all already knew – we have an incomparably talented and dedicated community here at Luna! Check out their amazing journey on Luna’s Blog. You can see their award winning routines at the Saturday, April 29th Adult Student Recital (details below!). Congratulations to each and every one of you, ladies!

Luna Competitors
Can YOU spot your favorite Luna Instructors in this photo of the Day 1 APC Competitors?

We are excited to welcome our newest instructors! Jasmine, Devin, Teresa, and Rogina join our growing studio-family this month.

If you haven’t already, jump into one of their classes and introduce yourself!

April has a ton of insane deals to offer, including free aerial classes! :

– Our popular Kids & Teens Aerial Workshops are only $20! For just $20, you can give your child an experience they’ll never forget (and just might spark their passion for a life long love of acrobatics, who knows!). Not to mention they’ll make some awesome friends – we can attest that aerial friends are the best friends!

– Spring Recitals are just around the corner: Friday, April 28th at 7pm for our Kids and Teens, and Saturday, April 29th at 7pm for our Adults. It’s only $10 to come celebrate how much everyone has excelled and cheer them on as they perform beautiful aerial routines. If you don’t know anyone performing, it’s still a great evening out and a beautiful show — definitely cheaper than a trip to the circus!

– Promo Week is back!! April 30th – May 6th, ALL CLASSES ARE FREE to both new and current students! Yes, FREE! So grab your friends and get them in!!

– Our 3rd Session of classes and courses start May 7th — hop into a new 8 week aerial series or try our drop-in classes and experience our instructors’ personalized and expertly planned curriculums, designed to monitor and build your skills, strength, and technique in a gradual, logical, and safe progression.

We’ve planted the seeds for all kinds of wonderful things this spring. Stay tuned to our studio Facebook page and blog to see what blooms this season at Luna!

Thank you for all your support,

Tina & the Luna Aerial Staff

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