We offer both drop-in classes and 4-week courses so that you can choose what works best for your learning style and schedule.

Most classes are capped at 6 people so that each student can get the individual attention they need. If a class gets full, you can join the waitlist and we’ll let you know right away if a spot opens up!

Looking to schedule a small group or private lesson?


Pick an apparatus and select your level - these classes focus on learning tricks and skills on your aerial apparatus of choice!

Pole: Beginner Pole Art Fundamentals, Intermediate Pole Art Fundamentals, Beginner Spin Pole, Intermediate Spin Pole, Advance Pole Art Fundamentals, All-Level Pole Art

Silks: Beginner Silks Fundamentals, Intermediate/Advanced Silks

Hammock: Beginner Aerial Hammock

Lyra: Beginner Aerial Hoop, Intermediate Aerial Hoop

Lollipop Lyra: Beginner Lollipop Lyra

Trapeze: All-Level Static Trapeze (Single-Point)

Bellydance: Bellydance Fundamentals

Choreography & Stylization

Phrase your skills together into beautiful combinations and routines. These classes focus on combos, movement, storytelling, and act creation.

Pole: Exotic Pole Art, Freestyle, Low Flow & Static Rotations, Pole Performance & Competition Builder

Silks: Intermediate/Advanced Silks Choreography, Silks Competition & Performance Builder

Lyra: Competition & Performance Builder

Bellydance: Bellydance Choreography

Specialty Workshops

We’ve always got something cookin’! Keep an eye on the schedule & our social media channels!

Core Components

Aerial dance puts many unique demands on the body. These classes focus on bodily upkeep, technique, & reinforcement of strong neuromuscular pathways for aerial and acrobatic work.

Strength: Pole Tech, Aerial Tech

Flexibility: Dance Flexibility, Yoga, Aerial Yoga


Teacher Training for Aerial Arts & Pole Dance

Luna’s Aerial Arts and Pole Dance Teacher Training Program is a year-long program focusing on safe spotting, verbal/physical/visual cuing techniques, rigging fundamentals, aerial/circus/pole history, anatomy & physiology, teaching proper progressions, observing key identifiers, and classroom management skills. Teaching Modules are offered at various times throughout the year on a rotational basis - see schedule or contact us for details. Participants are required to complete shadowing and student teaching hours with a senior instructor and must sit for two exams after the completion of all other program requirements. Individuals that successfully complete all requirements will be awarded a certificate of completion. See the schedule or contact us for details.

Note: Completion of the Luna Aerial & Pole Teacher Training Program does not guarantee employment at Luna Aerial Dance or any other pole or aerial studio.