Coaches and Staff


We know that great coaches come from a variety of different backgrounds. That’s why our team is made up of amazing coaches with accomplishments in a colorful variety of backgrounds, including: personal training, professional performance, modern & classical dance, circus arts, theatre, martial arts, TRX, yoga, and gymnastics.


Tina Moran

Pole Art, Aerial Silks
Pole Art Competition Coach
Lead Teacher Trainer

Tina was responsible for opening the first pole dance studio in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area and has been a driving force in the pole dance industry for over 15 years. Her background includes personal training, yoga, martial arts, aerial arts, pole dance, Kangoo Jumps, Nimble Arts, and TRX. She is now taking on the role as Studio Manager and training instructors with Luna Aerial Dance.

Brenna Spickler

Aerial Silks
Pole Art
Aerial Tech

Brenna began teaching pole and aerial silks at Vertical Bodies in October 2014, at Chic Physique in 2015 and Luna Aerial Dance & Performing Arts in 2017. Brenna also works as a college professor and is a member of the Baltimore Aerial Dance Company. Brenna’s favorite part about being an instructor are the people that she meets and watching her students grow as pole artists. Brenna has an ACE personal training certification.


Devin Gaither

Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze
Lyra, Pole Art
Aerial Competition Coach

Since her first knee-hang on the flying trapeze, Devin has made circus arts her priority and preferred method of artistic expression. Devin comes from a background rich in theatre arts and gymnastics and is thus passionate about the performative elements of aerials. Devin has taken the Foundations of Aerial Arts and Fabric Foundations Teacher Trainings with Nimble Arts and is looking forward to continuing her aerial education.


Alexandra Brianne

Pole Art
Dance Flexibility
Pole Choreography

Alex fell in love with pole art when she realized it was a nice combinations of strength, acrobatic and aspects of her background in cheerleading and theatre. Alex currently works in HR and teaches our Beginner Pole Art Fundamental levels 1-2, Beginner Spin Pole, Intermediate Pole Art Fundamentals levels 1-2. and Dance Flexibility.



Pole Art
Pole Tech
Exotic Pole Art

Jasmine has been teaching pole for 4 years. She has competed in multiple showcases and competitions throughout her pole career. She currently teaches Beginner Pole Art Fundamentals levels 1-2 and All Level Pole, Beginner Pole Art Movement & Choreography,and Pole Tech. 


Jess Welch

Bellydance Choreography
Aerial Costume Design and Creation

Jessica has been teaching belly dance for ten years and performing for over eighteen. A Baltimore native, she performed regularly at local restaurants, festivals, and parties and was the talent coordinator for the Desert Cafe. Trained primarily in the PiperMethod, she teaches strong technique and stage presence while blending American cabaret, Egyptian raqs sharki, and Turkish Romany with elements of Modern Dance and Hip Hop. Dance is a powerful form of expression and Jessica loves sharing it and guiding others to their own unique style.


Merranda Reeder

Exotic Pole Art, Liquid Motion
Low Flow & Static Rotations
Pole Art Competition Coach

Merranda has been a Pole Instructor for a little over 7 years. Within that time she obtained her License and Certification as a Liquid Motion Instructor which makes her very fluid in floor dance and base work dynamics and techniques. Although she is highly knowledgeable and skilled in every area of pole, her expertise is Exotic. Merranda brought the art of Exotic Pole to her home studio in Hagerstown over 3 years ago and it has become her biggest passion. She takes great pride in heading the Exotic classes at Luna all while spreading the same love and obsession for it to all her students. Aside from that she also teaches Intermediate & Advanced classes, Choreography, judges pole competitions along the East Coast, and is a Pole Competition Coach. She has trained many competitors in every level and style including Professionals. Being a Pole Instructor is one of the most important things in her life and nothing brings her such joy then to be able to use her knowledge and skills to help her students succeed.

Jennifer West

Lyra Choreography
Lollipop Lyra

Jen fell in love with Lyra after taking her first class in graduate school then took a few years hiatus during her postdoctoral studies.  She begun training again at Luna and is excited to be teaching Lyra classes at the studio.  She currently teaches Beginner Lyra and Intermediate Lyra. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing her students accomplish new skills and translate these skills into choreography.